Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bread crumbed pork chops

I've been thinking to make this dish for dinner since last Sunday but Andrew wanted to have pizza, so the pork chops had to wait.
Last night I cooked this dish and ran into some difficulty because the pork chops were not thick enough to be stuffed. Never ever send someone who can not cook to buy your ingredients (especially if you neglect to tell them what it's for) ha ha ha.
Anyway, it turned out fine and tasted as good as I expected.
I made the breadcrumbs from gluten free bread because my husband is a coeliac.


2 pork chops (make sure they are thick cuts)

4 sage leaves
1 clove of garlic, sliced very thinly
2 slices of cheese (hard one like cheddar)
1 egg, whisked
enough flour to cover the pork thinly
2 slices of stale bread, processed to make the breadcrumbs
salt and pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C.
Slice the pork chop to make a pocket, and put 2 sage leaves and few slivers of garlic in each chop then the sliced cheese. Season with salt and pepper.
Cover thinly with flour then roll in the egg and cover with the bread crumb.
Shallow fry the pork until golden brown on both sides, then put them in the oven for about 20-30 minutes (depends on how thick your meat is).

Serve with mustard mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables.

Our 3 year old daughter finished all of her dinner so I think it was good :-)

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