Monday, 4 February 2008

Blackforest Cupcake

I've had this cupcakes recipe book for quite a while but only yesterday I made one of the recipe that I longed to try.
It's BLACK FOREST CAKES from CUPCAKES AND FAIRYCAKES (The Australian Women's Weekly).
The recipes are very, very easy to follow and I like the end result photos. It has clear instructions for how to make the decorations as well, but what I really like the most is that it has metric measurements beside the American measurements (cups). Makes my life much easier because I don't need to convert the measurements like with my other cupcakes recipe book.

I used low calorie sugar and reduced the amount a little bit, so it's a bit healthier, I hope :-) and I used dark rum instead of cherry brandy.
In the recipe it says to bake for about 45 minutes but mine were cooked only in 25 minutes.

The result was good, if you really like chocolate (I'm not really too keen on chocolate to be honest). I had to put more whipped cream than I intended to, just to cut the rich chocolate-y taste.
The cake is very dense but moist and the taste of the rum is quite noticeable, which is nice.

Our friend Kate was here, so she tasted it too and she thought I'm just weird not liking chocolate that much, so I assume the cake is good :-).
I will definitely make them again if we have chocolate loving guests (most of our friends are).

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