Thursday, 15 January 2009

Beef noodle soup
It tastes fresh and light, would be great as a summer dish.

1 sirloin steak
50ml rice wine
dash Soy sauce
juice of 1 lime
1.5L chicken stock
1 packet rice vermicelli noodles
4 bird's eye chillies
bunch of coriander, chopped
Fish Sauce, to taste

Marinate the steak for 2 hours in the rice wine, soy and half the lime juice. Set aside.
Place the stock in a saucepan and reduce by a third.
Cook the noodles according to the package instructions, then cool under cold water and set aside.
Chop the chillies and put into a small bowl of fish sauce.
In a very hot pan, sear the steak for a minute on each side. Remove from the pan and let it rest, then cut it into thin slices (it should be very rare, as it will cook a little more when put in the hot soup).
Reheat the stock if necessary, then ladle into a bowl, add the noodles, the remaining lime juice, a big dash of fish sauce and add the chilli/fish sauce mixture to taste. Top with fresh coriander and the rare slices of beef.

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